August 31

Positive Language. Positive results!


Our language limits our results. If you think positively you will manifest positive results. If you think you will not achieve something, you won't, because you will get what you focus on. Focus your efforts to where you want the results and the first step towards successs,is positive language. Positive thoughts and actions will manifest into your positive results.

Here is a wonderful affirmation to get you started on your positive journey.

Affirmation for Life and Love

I fulfil the requirements for happiness. I apply myself diligently and well. I know I can be as happy as I want to be. I believe I am a child of the universe and protected at all times. I am complete and whole with love for myself and others.

All unhappy thoughts and feelings are melted away from my heart and mind. I remove all blocks to happiness. I am clear with my thinking and positive in my language. I am clear in mind, warm in heart. I cleanse my consciousness of all unworthy content. I constantly contemplate the facts of life from the highest point of view. I affirm the magnificence of life. I glory in the wonder of being. I am happy because I am whole. I am whole because I seek to give expression to the Universal-nature within me.

Peacefully, I release all concern for outer things. I forgive myself and others for all wrongs and move to love. I live and move and have my being in the great love and intelligence which has created all things. I revel in being one with the universe. I am happy in my heart and what I give out comes back tenfold. My heart sings of gratitude and happiness. I laugh and giggle with the sheer exuberance of being alive. Light lives in me and shines from me. The Universe is the source of my happiness. I share this happiness with others by making my life an example which all may follow. I spread joy and happiness throughout my world today. This and so much more….

We can think lots about the things we want and that list can get long quickly, use this guide to note all the things you want so you can action when you are ready https://www.myacesuccess.com/100-dreams/


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