September 28

Key to Life Through Inner Self


I cannot over-emphasize the vital fact that nothing in life is possible, or can be truly appreciated, until one has discovered the key to life through one's own inner self. All action is mental, all things must be first thought of before they can become reality. This dictum applies to you getting up in the morning, to you eating, you working, you learning, your applicationto lifeand it also applies to everything that has ever been invented or written.

No one can achieve absolute physical movement without first making a conscious effort. To make a conscious effort implies a mental ability to force the mind to tell the body to do what is required.

If this applies to the everyday movements of your everyday life, how much more so does it apply to the bigger things you want to achieve in life! Most effort is so slight that it seems to be unconsciously achieved. Breathing, seeing, speaking, hearing, all seem to be so effortless that you forget that a number of actions have occurred to make each movement possible. Your very breathing is controlled by mental effort, while seeing, speaking, hearing, all have been made possible for you, not only by your inner self but also by the efforts of your ancestors. Your ancestors developed improvements in their eyesight in order to keep them from the danger of enemy pursuit. Also, speaking was a tremendously conscious effort, which wasmouldedthrough the ages and through sound. Our ancestors captured sound and created words and speech.

Just think for a minute. Was all this done without an effort? Nothing can become yours without a very conscious desire to make it yours. Man without speech could make no more progress than any other animal. So he invented speech. Just think of the tremendous effort involved! Just think of that wonderful impulse, which could only come from within him! Just think, without that effort we could never have come to companionship, to love, to religion, to the physical comforts of life. We could never have reached the heights of civilisation which, however abused by those who haven't learned to make the best of their mental selves, is still good. Just think, that with our continuing effort, we can learn to make our civilisation perfect!

All this is possible only by a conscious effort from within us. It is possible only by learning how to apply ourselves so that what we feel within us proves of value in the life without us. Nothing that you think within you is impossible to achievein the life outside yourself. Everything physical has a mental basis. You must think first to make your life and your ambition real.

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