September 13

Channel Your Creative Power


All that you require to transform can be foundwithin you. Be courageous and commit to yourself to change and transform those areas of your life, that you wish to enhance and improve. Look at your values and beliefs and where you place your energies. Forward momentum, regardless of how slight, is the key to channeling your creative power. A car does not start at 100kpm but builds velocity and once at the required speed,cruises with very little effort.

To feed our minds, bodies and souls with nutritious wholesome and positive energies, is vital to sustain and supplement our journeys. Everyone’s beliefs and values are different. To discover your personal power, you need to tap into your creative resourcesand understand how your mind works.

There are many strategies to tap into your creative power, for example:

  • Love completely and don’t hold back.
  • Get interested in people and look outside yourself with compassion.
  • Give yourself wholeheartedly to an idea and fully get on board.
  • Dedicate your time, your talent, and your money to helping others. Commit to loving and looking after your community.
  • Explore the Universe and all there is to offer. Discover it through thought, study, discussion, prayer, meditation or worship.


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