September 21

Feeling disconnected – Looking for Your Destiny


Feeling disconnected? No direction? Looking for your destiny? Chances are you have been searching for a while. There's no disgrace in that. Finding the answers to life's glitches is one of the privileges of being alive. The important thing is not to let the problem get bigger than you. Never look back, you are not traveling that way. Our difficulties arise when we subconsciously accept two opposing ideas. Unless this conflict is resolved, there will be nothing but turmoil inside and out. The battleground is within our minds and hearts. Dissolve negative thoughts and construct a mindset to take you wherever you want to go.

False beliefs cause separation and limitation. When our inner attitudes are in line, our lives straighten out. It is not hard to succeed in life when we get our spiritual, mental and emotional equipmentworking in harmonious unison.

Every one of us is here for a purpose. Discover that purpose, be determined to fulfil it, identify yourself with it, build a strong conviction of success in your consciousness, and follow your destiny with purpose and love of yourself and others.

Obstacles drift away as we dissolve them in our minds.Focus on clearing your path, so the direction to your destiny may becomeclearer.

We can think lots about the things we want and that list can get long quickly, use this guide to note all the things you want so you can action when you are ready


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