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Aspire - Create - Evolve

The only planner you’ll ever need to help you keep your resolutions, track your progress and keep a record of everything you hope to achieve.

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Filled with processes, encouragement, and activities designed to keep you on track and start achieving your goals.

Your Success Forever Planner will help you Create the Life of Your Dreams!

Using this planner helped shift my mindset from impossible and overwhelm, to manageable and achievable...

mardi davies, nsw

Donna Benstead’s success planner has given me the tools to achieve goals I had only ever dreamed about. Using this planner helped shift my mindset from impossible and overwhelm, to manageable and achievable, connecting me to my true values, and creating a clear, confident path to success.

The Success Forever Planner is an interactive planner which follows a simple and easy to use structure that will bring you success and abundance.

It presents specific techniques to help you solve problems and attain your goals. Obstacles drift away as they are dissolved in our minds. Every day, you can have your actions ready to go, have direction in your life and enjoy the advancement of your endeavours. This process works best if you are honest with yourself, love yourself and most of all forgive everyone and everything. Don’t hold on to negativity, get rid of the shackles of the past and explore your journey forward.

You will:

  • Say goodbye to your fears, by examining some beliefs that made you fearful or caused you worry. In your Success Forever Planner you will be encouraged to remove the power from fear and turn around your life for an awesome future. Don’t forget, language and action decide your outcomes.
  • Investigate your values, which are the priorities that tell you how to spend your time.  Your core beliefs come from the things you value, so if you know your values you will create a set of beliefs that support you and help you achieve your goals. This planner will encourage you to examine and list your values. Remember values can be flexible and you can change your values radically if you wish. 
  • Setting your goals into motion with emotion. Group your desires, dreams and goals into different areas. For example, your career, health, romance, lifestyle and finance. To set your goals you will need to consider behaviour, routines, habits, language and affirmations. The best way for you to achieve your goals is through the VAK method, which means using Visual, Audio and Kinaesthetic cues which will incorporate combinations of seeing, hearing and feeling and keep also by keeping your goals simple and clear.
  • Your One Big Dream. Identify your biggest and most significant desire, for example purchasing your own home. Use 30, 60 and 90-day markers to break down your big goals, so you can track what you need to achieve. Test and measure how your goals are progressing to remain driven and focused.
  • Understand the importance of positive and healthy morning and evening rituals which will support you in accomplishing your dreams. For example, in the morning you could rehydrate, meditate, enjoy a healthy smoothie and achieve 3 tasks.  A positive evening routine could include writing in your gratitude planner, reviewing your goals for the next day and some meditation before a restful night’s sleep.
  • Set time to review your achievements and revise and update any goals. Take this time to celebrate what you have achieved and ensure you are on track for how to achieve upcoming goals and actions.
  • Create a vision board with image and words that will reflect your goals and wishes to help you envisage your future.

My successes in both personal and business have been remarkable...

mark s, gold coast

I have used Donna’s success journals for some years now and do not start my year without it. My successes in both personal and business have been remarkable and I am forever grateful to her and her expertise in success strategies.

Aspire – Create – Evolve

We start every year with great intentions to achieve all the things we want. The Success Forever Planner is a place you can keep a record of everything you have done and everything you hope to achieve. Write down everything! The good, the sad, everything. The more you communicate what you want and what you are doing to help or hinder yourself the more likely you are to succeed. It also gives you an opportunity to be grateful for what you have learned, determine what you love and reflect on your actions and goals.

What you have experienced as a child, teenager, student, sister, brother, mother, father, worker, manager, leader, friend will create all sorts of beliefs, some great, supportive and serving and some not so.  By keeping this planner, you can become aware of those values and make conscious decisions that create the best outcome for you.  Be the person you want to be and don't accept anything less than you deserve.

This planner will give you the tools required to support all manner of success and abundance and help you live the life of your dreams.

"Your Language and Actions

Decide Your Outcome"

Donna Benstead

I have used Donna's journals every year with growing success...

Stephen V, Sydney

My scepticism was high when my partner handed me “My Success Journal 2018” and said we were going to work together to achieve our goals. I am pleased to say my scepticism was proven wrong on all levels, my relationships are on a new level of love and support, the business idea I had for years got off the ground and my career boomed. I have used Donna’s journals every year since with growing success and can’t wait for the next one so I can start my year when I want – Donna said so :-)

As soon as you receive your planner you will have the tools to start evaluating your values, set your goals, create your positive morning and evening rituals and start tracking your success.

Each week you can document in your planner your actions and tasks to be achieved, what you have learnt, and find the motivation to continue. The planner gives you space to include affirmations that inspire you and there is also an area for your gratitude diary set in an inspiring, beautifully presented format. You will be able to plan ahead and look back on your dreams and successes.

What the Planner includes:

  • Support and guidance to plan and track your success.
  • A week by week guide to creating the life you dream of.
  • A methodology showing how to create your own personal values hierarchy.
  • A guide to lining up values with your goals.
  • Guidance on how to break down your One Big Dream using the 30, 60 and 90-day markers.
  • How establish a healthy morning and evening routine designed to help you flourish.
  • Weekly review sessions where you track your achievements and goal timelines.
  • Permission to reward yourself by acknowledging the accomplishment of your goals regardless of their size.
  • Learn rituals to mark the beginning of a new moon and the power of the full moon.
  • Gain access to the secrets for an inspired life with over 40 tips and tricks.
  • Understand that your langue will affect your outcomes. If you want changes in your life for the positive, it starts with your language.
  • Learn and develop affirmations which you can apply to your life as simply as attaching them to the bathroom mirror and reciting them every day!

The ease of planning is great, the habit changer amazing...

Sarah S,
Sydney Olympic Park

As a long time user of Donna’s planners I have moved from employee to business owner and single to couple and having my first child. The ease of planning is great, the habit changer amazing, when you know where to start and understand why you do what you do changes are easily in place. My staff training now include Donna’s planner – I want my staff to enjoy the successes I have – a complete win win for us all.

Your Success Forever Planner is filled with advice, activities and encouragement and is exactly what you need to get yourself on track and start achieving those goals you set for yourself for abundance and prosperity. This interactive planner is simple and easy to use and designed to support and guide you to success and abundance.  Your Success Forever Planner will make you feel great every day with positive language and affirmations to support success on a daily basis! 

Keeps me on track...

Amanda B, Armidale

I love the planner and use it every year. Always recommend it to my friends and colleagues, constant innovative processes and keeps me on track. Can’t wait for the new version – bring on the new year!!

We are currently offering you the Success Forever Planner

for US$54.95 (which includes FREE shipping).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Goal Setting only works for a couple of weeks for me, what makes this different?

A:  Proven written process you can manage to suit yourself, will support you each day and through each task.

Q:  How many goals can I have?  How many goals are too many?

A:  You can have as many goals as you like because using the Dream List builder will keep you building towards your most important and relevant one each time.  As you gain momentum you will combine and refine your dreams and goals.  Simply follow the processes and strategies.

Q:  I find it difficult to get started, what can I do?

A:  Start simply - open the book. The Success Forever Planner is set out to start at the beginning and takes you through all areas of understanding - how you think, why you think the way you do and sets you on a path with strategies, process and cheat sheets to ensure your success.  You control the processes and strategies which work for you.

Q:  I'm not good at working on my own, how can this change?

A:  Some people are great at working on their own and some not so much. With the Success Forever Planner you can work independently or create your own bevy of like-minded people.  Keep it small - your partner, your best friend or sibling.  You are looking for someone with similar core values. Be regular and committed to your life success meetings.  Give yourself the opportunity to achieve.

Q:  How long does the planner last?

A:  The Planner has 12 months set out and you can start anytime of the year.  The strategies, processes and cheat sheets are there forever.  Your momentum and commitment will continue to grow with great new habits.

Your Mentor...

Donna Benstead -  the creator of the Success Forever Planner

Donna is a skilled NLP practitioner, Mentor, Speaker and Author.  For two decades, Donna has inspired and supported people of all walks of life to unlock their own unique gifts and realise their potential.

Whether it be via her mentoring, coaching programs, or books, she passionately takes her clients on a journey of personal growth and fulfillment.  Utilising her skills and success in the corporate world, across diverse industries, Donna translates her learning and delivers meaningful, actionable guidance for her clients.

Donna brings her love of Mother Earth and the spiritual guidance of her calling as a Shamanic Practices Healer to all her endeavours.  Her soft, feminine energy engages her audience and captures their imagination, inspiring and challenging each to pursue and achieve their goals.

Above all things, Donna cares about people and this has inspired her to create one-on-one mentorship programs with a holistic approach, with a focus on achieving goals and prosperity in all areas of life.

For more information about Donna's mentorships and programs, please email her directly at