August 17

Resolve Your Inner Conflicts to Achieve Your Ideal Life


This is an all too common human situation. Our efforts to drive ahead are blocked by inner conflict, insecurity, indecision and fear. This can cause an inner struggle. When we insist upon going two ways at once,then something has to give. In this case, it was my knee. In other cases, this inner conflict and resistance can produce any number of feet, joint, back and muscular difficulties.

The human body cannot stand up indefinitely under the strain and overload to which we subject it. Physical difficulties are actually a blessing. They are the means by which our attention is called to the need for inner change. When this inner change is made, the condition is automatically healed. We need to understand the principle involved rather than resist it. We must learn to cooperate with the condition so that we can learn the lesson it is trying to teach us. Remember, there is always a lesson.

Nothing “just happens” by itself. There is a cause for every effect. Physical illness, especially functional disordersare a projection of something in the consciousness. The outer irregularity is nature's way of indicating the necessity for inner change.

All too often we stubbornly and blindly ignore these warnings, refusing to heed their message and learn their lessons. We seem to prefer to endure our pains and struggles.

Problems are outer but the answers come from within. Never try to solve a problem on the level of the problem; problems cease to exist when we find the solution to them.

Neither analysis or meditation are insufficient by themselves. They must be combined in declaration, affirmation and spiritual understanding.

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