September 7

Make the New financial Year the Year You Succeed


As another year draws to a close and another year opens,take the time to reflect on what you have achieved, what you are yet to accomplish and how you can make the coming year the realisation and fulfillment of what you want and more.

Setting goals is vital for your success. Without goals we cannot focus on a path of success. Here is a simple tried and true system of success.

  1. 1
    Get clarity around what you want
  2. 2
    Write down on paper, every goal you have ever wanted
  3. 3
    Consider what are you prepared to do in order to achieve your goals

This may seem simple enough, but without systematic structure we will be having the same conversation next year and nothing will have changed.

This is the structure that I use for ALL projects in all area of my life: Personal, Career and Business.

  1. 1
    Set one hour per week to reflect, congratulate and plan. It is important to evaluate, adjust and celebrate your goals.
  2. 2
    Be clear with your goals – write them using my SMART goal method (mine is a little different to ensure success).
  3. 3
    Group your goals together. Start with your Personal and Career/Business goals and then break down into smaller categoriessuch as: Health, Lifestyle, Partner, Family, Friends, Support Group, Home, Environment, Community, Spirituality, Finances, Interests, Hobbies, Sports, Networking, Business/Career Relationships, to name a few. Your categories are unique to you and be creative.The importance of your health cannot be undervalued in your goals as it will fall across many categories. Without health and vitality, some of the goals you desire to achieve will slip out of your reach.

Reward yourself with a fantastic outlook for the new year.
Create the life You deserve!

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