September 2

Five Things To “BE”


It is what you are that determines what happens to you. Whether or not you are to be prosperous, successful, or healthy. If you strive to be happy, try being these things and see the difference it can bring to your life:

  • Be kind. Never hurt another living thing.
  • Be aware. Know the Universe is the only reality. Spend regular time in contact with this reality.
  • Be interested. Wake up and appreciate the wonderful things around you.
  • Be awake. Be alert to your abilities and potentialities. Con­stantly keep the channel open for the free, full flow of life through you.
  • Be thankful. Praise, bless, appreciate, compliment and be filled with gratitude. Practice saying, “Thank you, Universe, for the abundance which is mine.”

These five practices can create the life you always desired.


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