September 2

Discover Your Real Assets


Your drive is an expression of emotion. All your emotions are your dynamic. They are the urges of your organism. They flow into thought, motivate it and give it power. Your thought receives the impact of the drive. Its function is to direct that drive, to show it what it can do, where it can go, what it had better not go. It is the guide of the emotion. That is thought's only power. You can see, therefore, the importance of learning all you can about these loves and capacities of yours. For they are, in reality, you, your very life force.

I am going to tell you first about the creative drive. This springs from the animal instinct of attraction and can be sublimated to the spiritual level of feeling and thought. This is the sex drive. With this, the creativity is completely original. It is not modified by any existing idea, object, or relationship of ideas or objects. The creative type is likely to be this kind of person—he dislikes any routine work, and dislikes to take orders from anyone. In whatever he does, he prefers a lone wolf job.

If he happens to be in a large organisation, he is happiest in a position where he can use his creativity as freely as possible. To do good work he must be interested in the kind of work he is doing. He considers the financial rewards he obtains for his work secondary to his interest in what he is doing. He would rather work at something he likes where the pay is less than get more pay for work he dis¬likes. When he's doing something he enjoys, he can con¬centrate for long periods at a stretch. He is always trying to find something completely new. He reacts adversely to old ideas, or to doing things in the prescribed way. What he is really doing is to find the highest action of any law.

His ideas come to him in an analogical way. This means that he reasons through inspiration, intuition, or by a hunch. All his analysing, classifying, and criticising are done in his unconscious. So, the conclusion that comes to his conscious mind is full-blown. He is sure that his idea is right, but he is unable to tell you the steps which make him sure of this. A person of this type is often at a loss in argument with someone whose mind works by con¬trolled association, but can always work out the rea¬sons for his conclusion. This he has to do later, rather than at the moment. In other words, his conclusion comes to him first. Then he has to go back and substantiate it.

The emotions of the creative type are quick and jagged. On hearing sad news his spirits immediately hit bottom. The reverse is true when he hears good news. His emotions are so near the surface that he is likely to err on the side of too much feeling. He is therefore not the type you expect to organize either people or things. Be¬cause of his analogical reasoning, he is often considered by the world to be impractical and unsound in his thought. This is not true.

The creative type is full of nurture for others. These people respond immediately and sympathetically to suf¬fering, injustice, and inequality. Some of this group are far away from creativity on a material plane. They will be found in pure philosophy, pure science, art, music, sculpture, drama, poetry. While these activities do not seem to be necessary for the physical survival of the race, they are very important for its spiritual survival.

The purely creative type gets his ideas out of the blue. He asks, seeks, and knocks at the gate of his soul, desiring the inflow of feeling and thought. First, the desire, the urge, comes. Then the period of listening until the idea takes form. When it does, the imagination plays with it, finding out what to do with it. Then reason picks out what is practical. Next comes the judgment, which chooses the way of thought and feeling most appealing to this particu¬lar creative mind and in that judgement, there is always a conviction that what is being written or painted or carved or otherwise produced is deeply true. For this is the way in which the love which motivates the creative type finds its form of manifestation.

Tapping the forces of the people who work for you will be extremely rewarding for all.


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