The Destructive Power of Negative Thinking

There is no law of error, no principle behind problems, no definitely predictable condition or disease. But this we know: all negative mental and emotional states are destructive. Inner torment always produces outer torment. Our brains only think in the positive. Causes and conditions always match, even though we may have trouble in unraveling them. A person who has one kind of problem usually has several. When one problem is healed at the point of cause, all of the others can be healed at the same time. In spiritual mind treatment the focus is never upon the problem. We focus upon the solution. A problem has no independent existence. It is merely an effect caused by something—invariably negative inner attitudes.

Channel Your Creative Power

All that is necessary to transform is inside you.  Be courageous and commit to yourself to change and transform those areas of your life that you wish to enhance and improve. Look at your values and beliefs, where you place your energies. Forward momentum regardless of how slight is the key. A vehicle does not start at 100km/ph but builds velocity and once there the issue is keeping the correct fuels in place.

To feed our minds bodies and souls with nutritious wholesome and positive energies to sustain and supplement our journeys. Everyone’s beliefs and values are different. It discover your personal power you need to tap your creative power to understand how you think.    

Strategies to tap your creative power.

  • Love completely – don’t hold back.
  • Get interested in people – look outside yourself with compassion.
  • Give yourself wholeheartedly to an idea – get on board.
  • Dedicate your time, your talent, and your money to helping others – love and look after your community.
  • Explore the Universe and all there is to offer through thought, study, discussion, prayer, meditation or worship .

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