5 Basic Requirements for Successful Living

  1. Guiding Purpose
  2. Inner Strength
  3. Sense of Values
  4. Vital Faith
  5. All-Embracing Love

The Universe’s work is done by everyone no matter what the particular occupation may be. The butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker all have their places in the great scheme of things. So do the artist, the musician, the actor, and the salesman, the shaman and everyone else. Just be sure that your call comes from the Higher Self within you, that you have really heard it, and that it truly represents the expression of your highest and best. Nothing else is good enough for you. Nothing else can bring happiness, health, riches, fame or anything else. Do not deny the angel as it descends upon you. Do not sell your birthright for a mess of mush. “Hitch your wagon to a star” and ride it to the furthermost planet. The only requirements are clarity of purpose and depth of conviction. When we deny our dreams we necessarily deny ourselves. The universe within is betrayed, and suffering and destruction are the result.

Gather your disciples together: Relaxation, Expectation, Recognition, Unification, Dedication, Intention, Identification, Conviction, Realization, Projection, Action and Cooperation and let nothing deter you as you go about this business of purposeful living. Call the roll of these inner disciples of the mind. Be sure they are all present, and examine them carefully as they answer. There is no place for weakness any place in life; certainly not in the residents of the king­dom of your mind. If one of these basic attitudes is weak, single it out for special training. Start to think in terms of strengthening this part of your consciousness. Eliminate everything that contradicts this attitude. Affirm! Affirm! Build the conviction that what you want to be is already true within you. Build the conviction that you can and will follow through until you obtain the kingdom of accomplishment. This is the entire purpose and meaning of life. We are here not just to exist, but to live! Live Your Best Life!


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