September 2

Actions Reap Rewards


 What actions do you need to take each week to be sure you are on track to reach your goals?

Each week, set a specific time to review, revise and update your goals. This is your celebration time each week. Yes, each week you can celebrate and acknowledge what you have achieved in the past seven days, check you are on track for the coming week and whether you need to revise your actions.

As time progresses you will understand the Pareto Principle. The Pareto Principle tells us that with 20% effort you will receive 80% of your desired outcome.

To achieve your goals, it will take planning and accountability, every week, for every goal.

You will need to develop your own system, to keep track each week so your outcomes can be measured. There are many different methods, so find one that resonates with you. You can choose from various computer programmes or phone apps, just find one that suits your lifestyle. If you are a highly visual or kinaesthetic a whiteboard or corkboard would be ideal for you. Or if you prefer to keep it simple, you could keep a journal, which is a great option as long as you are accountable each week.

Identify what you need to be doing each day of each week. The actions you take, will bring you huge rewards with massive change and achievement. The more momentum you create, the more outcomes will be met with minimum effort. As you continue working towards your goals you will begin to realise what works for you and you can then alter your actions to best suit your goals.

Take action now, to reap the rewards sooner.


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